AFRO CURLS – The hairstyle involves attaching synthetic afro curls, which are made of a special light material that looks like human hair, it does not shine like ordinary synthetic hair. It is a non-invasive method of attachment without the use of rings, keratin, glue, etc. After removing the afro curls, the hair looks the same as before it was put on. This hairstyle does not damage or weigh down the hair. Ladies with all hair types (thin and thick hair) can enjoy this method. Afro curls are extremely convenient for the user because there is no need to style the hair, we wake up every day with a ready-made hairstyle. It is possible to wear afro curls in a completely different color than the client’s own. The hair on the head cannot be longer than slightly above the shoulder blades or shorter than 5-7 cm to create afro curls. If you dream of having curly hair, at least for a little while, to check whether it suits your face, you are welcome. Without any interference with your hair, you can get such a hairstyle – long, short, ombre? Depending on the color you choose, the hairstyle will last up to 10 weeks with proper care: firstly – sleep in a special cap or scarf, secondly – wash your hair no more often than every 5 days, thirdly – comb your afro curls every so often, fourthly – tie up afro curls only with string. I recommend an afro curl refresh service at least once a month.

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